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  • Thursday 21/06/2007 10:45:19pm
    Name: Peter Thomas
    Location: New Zealand
    Comments: Hi there, I live in New Zealand and have come to admire your 16ft Bomb. I have been looking for something to put my old race motor onto. It is a Merc Twister1. Am I able to buy plans of this lovely boat?
    Peter Thomas

  • Thursday 12/08/2006 9:02:01am
    Name: Roy Hague
    Location: Norway
    Comments: Hi,
    I'm, writing to you from Norway, so pardon my bad english.
    I have been looking at your web-site many times, but cannot see many updates. Are the Raveau site and boats still up and running as a business?
    I am building a little Glen-L mahogany runabout at the moment, but when I'm finished with that, Iwould like to build a Raveau 16' bomb if that is possible.
    Do you, or will you in the future, offer plans to non-commercial builders?
    The boats are extremely beautiful to look at, and I hope that it would be possible to build my own.
    It would be very sad if production has stopped and no one can build anymore of those beautiful boats.
    Roy Hague

  • Wednesday 11/08/2006 8:39:43pm
    Name: mike kane
    Location: northwildwood,new jersey
    Comments: whats the wait time to have one built?? call me at 1 609 522 8520

  • Tuesday 10/31/2006 10:04:05pm
    Name: Richard Sacher
    Homepage Title: curb canada
    Homepage URL:
    Location: Central Alberta
    Comments: I think this is a great boat. I also spent my childhood with a wood boat a 14 foot Hurricane runabout my father built 3 of these boats out of Mahogony and oak, we ran a Mark 25 and she did 30 MPH not bad for those days.

  • Saturday 10/14/2006 6:54:51pm
    Name: Bob Egbert
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Location: Slaughter Beach, Delaware
    Comments: I grew up in Bay Shore Long Island and my brother and I shared a 13 foot reveau. She was a great little boat, we powered her with a ten horse evinrude and she was just too much fun to race around the Great South Bay. This had to be in 1962-63. Yesterday I went to a weekly auction here, I teach school and buy and sell stuff and there was a boat and motor that I swear was a reveau. She is 9'9" in length, semi vee hull, Mahogany Plywood and really well built. She is registered as a 10 footer. I bought it along with a six horse Montgomery Ward outboard and the former owner said it ran. He bought it in 98 and glassed it but says it is all Mahogany plywood. The cockpit is still very well varnished mahogany. He did a great job restoring it? She is lovely, fits in my utility room on sawhorses and is in mint condition! If she had never been glassed! Wow, would she be something! Question, were any of the reveaus ever built so small or do I just have a wonderful little fifties era speedboat? Any ideas?
    Thanks, Bob Egbert

  • Sunday 08/06/2006 3:12:57pm
    Name: Steve
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: St Pete, Florida
    Comments: Hi Bob, I met you "again" last night, at your neighbours "bonfire". I found the site you were refering to, thanks. I would love to come over and see, touch and hear about your boats. I am totally impressed by your product and attitude. I hope you can find the time to respond, I know you are busy!! I enjoyed the chat the other night and look forward to speaking with you again. Take care, Steve Hillis (Kiwi)

  • Monday 03/20/2006 6:38:14pm
    Name: Claude Guillemain
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: NJ
    Comments: My brother Alan and I spent parts of many summers at the Raveau (chez Aunt Lucie and Uncle Marcel) household . Uncle Marcel "hired" me as a 14 yr old in the late '40s to assist in the building of boats. Working for a perfectionist has its challenges, expecially when the outcome was being 'fired' four times in one month. But, I persisted and so did Uncle Marcel. He re-hired me as I somehow showed improvement in boat building skills. My parents stayed in Uncle Marcel's house and I stayed in the house trailer that my uncle built. He was very generous, always slipping me a few dollars here and there for my "toil". Uncle Marcel built boats, the house he worked and lived in, the house trailer that he used to travel to Fla., fishing equipment and painted not only the boat lettering etc., but beautiful oil paintings. He was the only one to have a basement (never flooded-no water seepage) who lived alongside a canal. There are many other stories attached to this phenominal self- taught engineer. If anyone is interested, I have more.

  • Monday 03/20/2006 9:27:06am
    Name: Alan F. Guillemain
    Referred By: Friend
    Comments: My brother and I spent many summers in the late 50's early 60's with our "Oncle" Marcel in Lindenhurst, Long Island. My mother and his wife Lucy were cousins, and very close with each other. I have many pictures of Marcel and his Raveau boats, I will look for them and forward to you. Regards, Alain F. Guillemain

  • Tuesday 02/14/2006 7:15:18pm
    Name: Al Lang
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Scottsdale, AZ
    Comments: Remember the the origionals running on the rough waters on Long Island in the stock classes. I ran a Hal Kelly BU and cracked the transom, then a Sid BU which finally snaped rolled ventilating a good 20-h. Wished I had one of your designs. They were perfect for the bays of Long Island.

  • Monday 01/02/2006 10:35:09am
    Name: Paul Kesselring
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Comments: I saw a newer 16ft Raveau at the wine country boat show in Hammondsport NY. Beautiful boats, It`s nice to see some retro designs out there.

  • Thursday 11/10/2005 5:51:06pm
    Name: Pete McKee
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
    Comments: Hi Guys, It feels like old home week. I grew up in Hague, NY and every year we went to the boat races. I went to school with Frank Fitzgerald, his father Charles Fitzgerald ran one of your D-class boats and Jack Henry had more than one. Jack's son John and I used to play music together. We wern't very good, but making beer together was fun too. Great to see your name still out there. You have always built marvelous boats and in my estimation nothing has ever exceeded them.

  • Tuesday 09/20/2005 7:30:28pm
    Name: Denny Amicon
    Location: Sanford, FL
    Comments: Nice product and Web site. Denny

  • Tuesday 04/26/2005 4:23:43pm
    Name: jesse d gilbert
    Comments: i am about to finish restoring an original 1939 dual cockpit m. raveau

  • Tuesday 01/25/2005 9:43:27pm
    Name: Adam Hawkins
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Comments: Charming and beautiful boats. I love classics and I would love to get my hands on a unit.

  • Wednesday 01/19/2005 11:40:41am
    Name: Alexis Boissonnet
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: France
    Comments: Is there any way to get in touch with somebody of the company? I have sent several Email, without any response. Does anybody have a phone number I could call?
    Thank you in advance

  • Thursday 12/23/2004 7:30:28pm
    Name: Bruce Cromer
    Location: Lawrence, Kansas
    Comments: I am messmerized everytime I see a picture of one. Truly a beautiful boat.

  • Friday 12/10/2004 2:17:18pm
    Name: Ken Montgomery
    Location: Florida
    Comments: Great web site!!

  • Wednesday 12/08/2004 2:36:04pm
    Name: Robert Tolleson
    Location: Costa Mesa CA
    Comments: brighten up the blue it's too hard to read hee hee hee Very nice boats! Dropped in via Jim Savages post about you guys. enjoyed it.

  • Monday 11/22/2004 3:13:19pm
    Name: Will Rogers
    Location: Enfield, Maine
    Comments: We own an original Raveau that will be restored this year.

  • Friday 10/08/2004 7:01:01pm
    Name: Bill Heagney
    Location: 15 Crafton Ct. Malverne, NY 11565
    Comments: Fantastic boats I started with wood and hope to return to wood some day and you realy make it look possible and a hec of alot of fun. Do you have a brochure and price list? Thanks for the website Bill GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Wednesday 10/06/2004 5:26:40pm
    Name: Gilbert Latreille
    Location: Ottawa, Ontarion, Canada
    Comments: Could you send me a price list for the 14 and 16 feet boats. Could the 16 feet model be reinforced to take a 150 in line six Merc?
    Thank You
    Gilbert 613-824-2763

  • Sunday 09/19/2004 10:19:32am
    Name: Bob Schofield
    Location: Croydon, Pa.
    Comments: Hi Bob glad to see you are still going strong, I hope. Keep in touch if you get a chance. Your friend Bob Schofield

  • Tuesday 08/17/2004 8:29:25pm
    Name: robert hillenbrand
    Homepage Title: Professional Page
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Location: N. Jersey
    Comments: I have enjoyed Raveaux since the late 1950s on the lakes of n Jersey and Ny and have visited your exhibit at Clayton since 1998...I hope to see you next week..what is the Hp of the Merc in the pic on the homepage? 140?

  • Friday 07/02/2004 2:59:25pm
    Name: jim young
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: iowa
    Comments: am on build list cant wait to add to collection saw boat at mount dora beautiful

  • Wednesday 06/30/2004 9:22:11pm
    Name: Ron Saxvik
    Comments: My father had a "B" marathon Raveau which he purchased used in or about 1957. I ran it as a pleasure boat in the late 70's with a KG-7 and nose-coned stock lower unit. Had a ball...was sick the spring of '67 and doc said no racing that summer so dusted it off and ran it around a small lake in Ohio for the summer. If I run across any pictures of the boat will surely send them to your site.
    Thanx, Ron Saxvik

  • Thursday 06/03/2004 3:18:46pm
    Name: Lester Kahn E-Mail: NAVYFLYER@PRODIGY.NET
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Hallandale, Florida
    Comments: Regards to all friends of racing. Remember me, The Navy Flyer who drove only Raveaus to winning ways.

  • Saturday 04/03/2004 6:38:48pm
    Name: Brian Oken
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Comments: I'm a Switzer collector, I have nine, and an X OPC racer of Switzers and Allisons, I have five Allisons as well.

  • Tuesday 03/09/2004 8:40:13pm
    Name: LLUIS VILA
    Referred By: E-Mail
    Location: Cadaques, Spain
    Comments: I have four spanish raveau/volare builts under license in the 60 and first's 70 in spain . If anyone it's interesting about I send photos. I have also palns and a lot of photos

  • Tuesday 03/09/2004 4:50:17am
    Name: Stan
    Homepage Title: Glasspar G3 Larson XL
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Web Ring
    Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    Comments: Nice boat, what did the buttom of the boat look like after 50,000 miles?

  • Tuesday 02/17/2004 12:52:22am
    Name: Joe Schiffer
    Location: California
    Comments: I own an Original 13' Raveau With No Bottom Ribs and racing record Otherwise in Great Condition Location Long Island N.Y.

  • Monday 02/16/2004 10:24:02am
    Name: Gene Tramm
    Location: Rota, Spain
    Comments: Beautiful boats and nice web site!

  • Monday 02/16/2004 8:17:32am
    Name: Bobby Ridgell
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Seadrift, Texas
    Comments: It has been a long time. I'm still kicking, living on San Antonio Bay and chasing the elusive Trout and Red Fish. My race boat has live wells. Glad to see you are still doing what you love. hope to hear from you soon.

  • Thursday 12/18/2003 8:48:40pm
    Name: John Sherlock
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Saint Cloud, Florida
    Comments: Have to have one, I will be in touch.

  • Monday 06/02/2003 11:44:52pm
    Name: Leonard Wolff
    Homepage URL:
    Location: Stuart Florida
    Comments: I raced numerous Raveaus in the early 60's the South Florida heydays. Back then we would field about a dozen Raveaus in the E class. We could all do between 54 and 56mph so things really got exciting. Even the really fast inboard Hydro drivers would stop and watch us. I was good friends with Herbie Reeves the winninest raveau driver ever. I won my share of races in the "D" and "E" APBA pleasure boat classes but not too many against Herbie. I had several second places against him seperated by thousands of a second, but somehow he knew how to just barely win! I won the "D" class championship when he won the "E" class. I raced both classes, but he was a pretty big guy and needed more that 40 HP. His best friend back then was Oliver Land. Oliver built the props for just about all of the racers back then. Being a very poor kid on a budget, I would hang out with Oliver at his prop shop and he would feel sorry for me and charge me next to nothing to build me a winning prop. Oliver and I are still friends and exchange Xmas cards. He lives in Columbus Ga. Some of the other names were Phil and Rosemary Young (She drove and he was an owner of several boats including one driven by my best friend back then , Richard Baiez.) Jimmy Watson, Gene Lantham, Fred Glick, Treasure and Butch Stokes. Jimmy Sewars, Dave Graig, George Griley,all raced and knew Marcel Raveau. Some of us even raced the famous Raveau Cataraman. That was the most attractive smooth riding thing that ever was on the water most of the time. Every once in a while it would do something crazy without warning and hurt you. I carry a bad knee and some very large scars from such an excursion. O well it kept me from going to Nam. I took a bath at least once in every Raveau I raced and some of them several times. One of the things we would look forward to was Marcel coming to one of our races. Not only could he build a hand crafted boat and paint it in about one week he could letter our boats also. He would bring his sign painting kit to a race and paint or redo the numbers on any Raveau in attendance. He would sit on his box and paint large,shaded,numbers on both sides of a boat in about 10 minutes. He never charged anyone a dime. I remember him a a very small man with a strong french accent looking like a typical artistan. Always friendly and smiling. I have kept my scrapbooks from all of the races in 60 to about 65. I have lots of newspaper and magazine clippings and some photos. If any one wants to know any history E mail me. I learned to work on fiberglass back then and I am currently using the skills I learned to design, manufacture and fly high performance competition carbon fibre aerobatic airplanes. My planes are called VELOX and are powered by 300HP+ I go by Charlie now and my homepage is I would love to hear from some of the old crowd

  • Monday 03/10/2003 6:25:50pm
    Name: Smitty
    Comments: I have a 16 bomb, looking for a high HP merc, Mark vintage. Boat is in okcondition had for ten years. Also had one in late 50s. I have 3 OMC 30 HP from same time, will talk.

  • Wednesday 01/01/2003 1:33:08pm
    Name: Jim Bolger
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Location: Coral Springs, FL
    Comments: This site brings back memories of one of the great Reveau drivers, Herb Reeves. Herb was something to watch drive those old flat bottoms with that cigar stuck in his mouth and running out front.He was my hero when I was starting out.

  • Monday 12/16/2002 2:05:48pm
    Name: Ginger Henry Kuenzel
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Boston and New York
    Comments: My "little" brother Ed referred me to this site, since he had seen the entry in this guestbook from my "big" brother John. Just to set the record straight -- the original "A" utility is now in my possession after I bought it back from my cousin. So, we now have two Raveau stock utilities in the family. I have a ton of the originals of professional press photos from the original Northern Lake George Regatta Association Marathons held in the late 50s and early 60s. I'm planning to scan them and upload them to a site I want to create to publicize our plans for a 50th anniversary marathon in Hague. As soon as I have created the site and made it live, I can let anyone know who is interested. Also, let us know if you're interested in being kept informed of plans for the 50th anniversary marathon. Hopefully we'll have both Raveau boats restored and ready to race by then.

  • Friday 12/13/2002 0:50:14am
    Name: Ed Henry
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Afton, WY
    Comments: This is very interesting. I grew up on Lake George with my father racing raveau's. The story is told well by my brother in the guest book in 2000. What is real interesting is I found this site on my own while looking for info on actually rebuilding this boat. (contrary to what my brother said, yes, I have the boat but know I have not yet rebuilt it. We still have Gregs old AU also. As I read my brothers letter, I thought the story sounded too familiar to be true. Great web site. Great boats. They were one of the few that held together for the LG Marathon. My dream is to have a 50th anniversary of the LG Marathon in 2005. (1955 was the first). I am putting out feelers now for interest. Keep up the good work!

  • Friday 05/17/2002 8:20:26pm
    Name: Bob Switzer
    Location: McHenry IL.
    Comments: Bob, Just ran through your web-site, and found it to be very interesting. I loved the old photos. And, your latest 20 footer.
    If you want to see my 20 ft. model, you can access it via the website: then, go to the search area and type in Switzercraft and see the photos that Tradewinds put in after they rigged my new 200 XS Optmax. I haven't run it yet, I'm waiting for a prop. It turns out that that motor with the sportmaster unit has a larger prop shaft than all the many props that I have. Now, I'm waiting for some hubs that I ordered from Peter Dean of Propco, in Atlanta.Ga,
    More later, Bob Switzer

  • Saturday 04/06/2002 11:33:38am
    Name: Dave Roxin
    Homepage Title:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: great site and boats. wish I could afford one. Dave.

  • Sunday 02/17/2002 10:36:35pm
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Ft. Pierce Fl. Winter----Canisteo NY.---
    Comments: great job on the website good help is hard to find

  • Sunday 02/17/2002 1:57:52pm
    Name: Karin Tramm
    Location: Norfolk
    Comments: Great Boats! How can I get one?

  • Monday 12/31/2001 1:59:10am
    Name: John Neller
    Comments: Hi Bob,
    Wonderful site. Both beautiful and informative. I would have expected nothing less from such a fine craftsman and gentelman.
    Happy Holidays, John

  • Saturday 12/15/2001 10:03:10pm
    Name: bruce tracey
    E-Mail: the
    Just Surfed In
    Location: holland,michigan
    Comments: my brother and i owned ray links and ray johnsons "d's" that tey raced in many marathons. i decked my boat to look like a gentlemans racer out of the 1930's. the styling of the nose of the raveau is a classic. also had a "b" sid craft with 20 H this all took place in the early sixties. see you at clayton in 2002!

  • Tuesday 03/20/2001 10:57:21pm
    Name: Lou Betka
    E-Mail: lvbgoose
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Thumb of Michigan
    Comments: Love to see the pic's of the race boats, I was real young when they were in there day. Mostly marathons-even got a cchance to race side by side with Craig-only once against his son I am sure they would remember me. What ever happened to Reber? Always, Lou

  • Monday 12/04/2000 8:25:43pm
    Name: Pete Cartier
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Location: Queensbury, NY
    Comments: I am currently rebuilding a '57 Raveau runabout, not the racer, just a utility and I am wondering if anybody out here has a similar boat. It's a 16' outboard and came with a '62 40HP Gale Sovereign built by OMC that I hope to resurrect as well. Interesting boat. Thanks.

  • Saturday 10/28/2000 3:47:20pm
    Name: John Henry
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Formerly Hague NY, site of Lake George Marathon
    Comments: The power of the internet is just so neat. How did we ever exist without it?
    We were having some problems with the propellor on my son's boat and I went on the net, bounced through a couple of links and was able to resolve the problem.
    Yeah, I know, we all do that every day. So what?
    What was so cool was *how* I was able to resolve the problem.
    I started out with a basic search which led me to a site in Hawaii. No info on props but this guy restores antique racing outboard motors. That was kind of neat and he had a link to another site in Oregon(?) about old outboard racing boats.
    That site had a link to a boat builder named Raveau.
    Now I have to digress a bit:
    My father was big on racing outboards from the 30's through the early 60's and from the late 40's on, his boats were Raveaus. Marcel Raveau and my father were buddies. He came and stayed with us a couple of times when I was 11 or 12 and I remember him vaguely.
    In 1957, he bought me a Class AU Raveau. I was 9 at the time. He would not put a racing motor on it but instead a 5hp Evinrude which was enough to get speeds up to about 20MPH. I had lots of fun booming around Lake George in it. When I was 12, he got me a Mercury 7-1/2HP racing motor.
    This particular boat had set the Class AU record for the measured mile at about 50 MPH in 1957, shortly before my father got it for me. It was, in the words of Nevil Shute "Little more than a tea tray with an engine on it" and I had every bit as much fun with it as Nevil's hero and heroine did.
    So back to the story:
    So I go visit the Raveau website having thought the company had been out of business for decades. No, Marcel Raveau sold it to a fellow when he retired and this guy still builds boats under the Raveau name. Some neat stuff on the site but one of the photos was of "Craig Dewald and his wife Ginny in a Raveau Bomb". Now as it happens, Craig was the fellow my father purchased the record setter from in 1957.
    So I e-mail of Raveau, explain who I am and ask if he has Craig Dewald's address. He does. I send Craig an e-mail telling him that I had his boat and that it was still in use up till at least 1989 when my mother gave it to some cousins and I don't know what happened after that.
    The next day I get an e-mail, that he wants to call me and on Wednesday we had a very nice chat.
    It turns out that Craig and his son are "Dewald Racing Propellers" and design and build most of the props for formula one, offshore, inboard hydroplanes etc. He has about 50-60% of the market for high end racing props. So naturally, I figured he would be good for some free advice and he was happy to oblige.
    So there you have it, after 43 years I finally get to talk to the guy who set a world record in *my* boat. He, after 43 years, finally found out where *his* boat is and is going to see if he can buy it back (assuming it still exists).
    And I get some free propeller advice from one of the world's leading experts.
    Along the way, I posted a note on the Raveau bulletin board and got a reply from one of my father's old racing buddies who'd not seen him since the 50's but still remembered "Jack" Henry.
    Isn't the Internet grand? Thank you Al Gore (Hee Hee) for inventing it. This could NEVER have happened without it.

  • Sunday 10/15/2000 11:21:55pm
    Name: John Henry
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Puerto Rico now, originally Hague NY
    Comments: just ran across your site and was amazed that the name was still alive.
    My father, Jack Henry, was a Mercury dealer in Ticonderoga NY and raced outboards since he was a kid in the late 20's. He had a Raveau DU called "So Sonic" that he campaigned around the US from the mid 40's to about 1956 with a KG-9 motor. He then bought a new Raveau, also DU, named "Gingerly" which he raced up to about 1962 when I took it over. I raced it for a couple years then we sort of got out of the game. My brother has restored the boat and has it in Wyoming now. Marcel Raveau and my father were buddies and he stayed with us in Lake George a couple of times. I remember him helping me setup my AU in 1960. I was also amazed to see Craig DeWald on your page. In 1957, in Worcester MA, he set the AU record which stood for a long time. The reason I remember this bit of trivia is that my father bought the boat for me as a 10th birthday present. I putted around in it with a 5HP Evinrude until I was 12 and he got me a "real" motor and I went racing. The boat was in use in our summer home on Lake George as late as 1990. I think one of my shirttail nephews has it in NC now. If you are in contact with Craig, I would appreciate if you could either give me his e-mail or pass mine along to him. It might be fun to make contact after all these years. I have a couple pics of Gingerly at speed form 1963 or so. If they would be of interest, I could scan them and upload them.
    Thanks for keeping a wonderful name alive.

  • Tuesday 09/26/2000 10:16:58pm
    Name: A.S.Petersen
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Scranton Pa.
    Comments: Great site love those Raveau boats.Real beauties,I raced stock outboards.Started in the 50's,1st race was the Lake George Marathon,Class 36 with a 13ft.Raveau.Completed the 90 miles 9th of 17 starters.Only the boat was in good shape at the finish. Would be fun to duplicate the rig with a new Raveau today.What a neat "toy" it would be.

  • Saturday 09/02/2000 10:32:32pm
    Name: Don Abel
    E-Mail: donpup1@aol.comh
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Comments: hi bob --stoped at fountain on way back from clayton second week of sep --are you home yet??

  • Monday 07/31/2000 8:04:17pm
    Name: John Crary
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Rochester hills Michigan
    Comments: Hi Bob, Just happened to be lookjin for the Top-O-Michigan Marathon dates and stumbled on your new web page. I stopped by around Easter but no signs of life at your shop. I'll be back down your way later in Aug. and I'll stop by. I cant make it to Clayton, But I think we're comin to CXypress Gardens in the fall. Hope your well and doing ok. Oh, I almost forgot I ran into an old buddy of yours down in Ft Meyers. Dick something that6 worked with you at I think the Last f-glas boat maker yopu worked for. Hes a great big guy and sells boat trlrs for tropic trailer in ft meyers. I'll dig out his card when I have a minute.
    See ya, John Crary.

  • Thursday 07/20/2000 7:08:27pm
    Name: Bruce Hurd
    Referred By: From a Friend
    Location: Monroe, CT
    Comments: Hi, Bobby,
    You certainly put a fine web sight together. I look at it as a well deserved tribute to a man who positively impacted the lives of some of us involved in high speed boating. Marcel Raveau was a man way ahead of his time. His design skill, craftsmanship, mechanical ingenuity, artistic ability, foresightedness, tenacity, drive and generosity certainly made a difference in my life. He and Lucy were two people that I will always be greatful for having known. I propose that we continue the Raveau legacy into the 21st century. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the Raveau name back in the record books again?

  • Thursday 07/06/2000 10:16:04pm
    Name: Chuck Petersen
    E-Mail: amyat30
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Thiensville, Wisconsin
    Comments: Met you at Clayon N.Y. Antique Raceboat Regatta, was very impressed by quality of your work. Definitly on the top of my "dream boat" list. I am a member of ACBS and the Bob Speltz Land O Lakes Chapter in Minnesota.

  • Monday 07/03/2000 1:52:23am
    Name: Steve Greco
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Long Island, New York
    Comments: I saw one of your new boats in Trailer Boats Magazine with a vintage Merc 1000. That boat motor combination is absolutley beautiful!

  • Thursday 05/18/2000 11:29:17pm
    Name: steve Courtney
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Comments: These boats are beautiful. Do you have a price list of the various models?

  • Monday 03/27/2000 11:23:22pm
    Name: Dick Powell
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: New Smyrna Beach, Fl
    Comments: Bob: These are great photos of some beautiful boats. I would like to see more!! It was good to see you at Mt. Dora. The Feathercraft and Hurricane won best of show. Dick

  • Monday 03/06/2000 12:40:37am
    Name: Ian Wyllie
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Osgoode Ontario near Ottawa Canada
    Comments: Didn't know boats where continuing to be made. Look great

  • Sunday 03/05/2000 9:27:05pm
    Name: Butch & Treasure Stokes
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: myama,fl-back then!
    Comments: Just love Raveau's,Marcelle and Lucy especially. Raced many- numbers 54, 16, 600, 700, 800, with Phil and Rosemary Young.Beat old Tom Sheldon and Jim Hunt too! Glad to see you building them again.Won a lot of races-lots & lots. Set a lot of records in the 6 hr and kilos. Had the great opportunity to have Craig Dewald as a co driver in the first 6 hr. Hope to see you at an antique meet sometime soon.

  • Thursday 12/30/1999 2:11:12am
    Name: Tom Yost
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Comments: Hi Bob! Thanks for the neat Christmas card. Your web page is very informative. We will see you some time this winter. Tom

  • Sunday 12/26/1999 10:25:41pm
    Name: James Powell
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    Location: macon georgia
    Comments: Bob,as you know I have a D raveau of yours and I feel like I have a real piece of boat racing history!

  • Tuesday 12/21/1999 10:58:39pm
    Name: Bob Veiga
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    Location: Troy New York
    Comments: What a pleasant surprise for me to find this web page. When I saw Raveau the adrenaline started to flow. I met Mr. Walwork at the antique race boat museum in Clayton,NY in the summer of '98 and I hope to see him in the same place in the summer of '00.

  • Saturday 05/22/1999 3:00:44pm
    Name: Riggs Smith
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    Location: Fishers Landing, NY
    Comments: I'm trying to track doen the pictures that we saw in Mt Dora. Bear with me!!! Riggs

  • Tuesday 04/20/1999 12:04:10am
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    Comments: Excellent!!

  • Saturday 04/17/1999 4:33:25pm
    Name: B. Carlton
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    Location: Sacramento, CA
    Comments: Reveaus are extraordinary boats. I'm delighted to hear they're back in production!

  • Saturday 04/17/1999 5:54:08am
    Name: Bill Walwork
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    Location: Commercial Shipping Vessel at Sea
    Comments: Pretty cool web page. Amazing how these things work. You must have put countless hours designing and installing this page. How do you have time to build the boats?

  • Wednesday 03/24/1999 1:07:52am
    Name: Kirk Burtch
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    Comments: Tried again and here i am. Amazing Boats!!

  • Saturday 01/16/1999 8:35:09am
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    Comments: Great Website!! Who built it for you?? The guy must have been a Genius!!